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Carving industry market analysis
Mar 04, 2016

The rolling tide of market economy, decoration decoration in the industry has been undergoing rapid changes. In the absence of nitrate in tobacco business, as a modern advertising and decorating company, the slightest mistake or not to use high-tech equipment to seize their own markets at any time are likely to be eliminated in the competition, all worked so hard to create, will be in vain. In the progress of society, science and technology in development, which requires operators to have the foresight to keep up with the pace of technology development, will never walk in front of the market.

Reviews decorative advertising industry for the past few years the rapid development of the process, from Yutong the advent of computer lettering to the decline of computer printing machine, ever-present proved to us advertising industry is a dynamic industry forever, the competition between the companies is its own sophisticated equipment to competition, technology competition, talent competition. Only by constantly updating the equipment, improved technology, train personnel, will always be on top. Once upon a time, have a lettering machine shops, became the leader of many users, Nissin's daughter at a time when advertising companies that have a printing machine become a hot market following, into gold. But with the impact of market economy, people are feeling: more and more difficult to do business, less and less profit, investing in more and more difficult to recover.

Now a new advertising peripherals--a computer engraving machine, with unstoppable speed and swept the South. Someone said: three times in the 1990 of the 20th century is the advertising industry at the time, it is true. The early 90 's, a computer engraving machine of products available in the advertising industry, cause the first revolution in the advertising industry. Some call it the computer cutting machine, or some call it a computer engraving machine. While serving on the prices of 1. Between 50,000-80,000, but there is no lack of savvy investors preconceptions, rebel pioneer. Because of the high level of profits was set before, a 5 cm around the words, the price at around two Yuan. They are filthy rich! And now, although the price has been reduced to carving machine thousands of Yuan, but has become advertising, decoration, typing, photocopying, letters, signs, in the industry, an indispensable tool equipment shop. A five centimeter even down to about a dime, profits can be described as waterfalls. Printing machines, causing the second revolution of the advertising industry. Courage to lead the industry trend of wise men first, inkjet company relaxed to do a seller's market, despite the high fee of RMB 400-800 per square, but it is still full. User needs to line up about to get the products they need. And now, inkjet prices down to between 100,000 and 300,000, form winds of popular, but has dropped the price of printing works per square 35-50 Yuan, profits took a nose dive. Let alone a hundred thousand of or could afford to invest hundreds of thousands of investment is not the average person, just in one or two years to recover the cost, it is risky. Market is changing so fast.

The mid 90, and a new type of advertising equipment, a computer engraving machine into the Chinese market. But the domestic equipment, mainly to small power carving, not high-power machining of materials, high-power processing machine with the United States several brands of machines, and cost about 400,000, many companies use it as signs of production equipment. Although a few years ago made the engraving machine has a certain market, but there have been some signs production companies, they will adorn signs everywhere show, nationwide sales, because domestic carving machine unable to realize the function of high power carving.

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