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Choose engraving machine, how much do you know?
Mar 04, 2016

First, "according to" is the key

First look at carving material, wood, glass, jade, stone or something. Secondly, rather than to a variety of corporate reputation and image engraving machine manufacturers. Again, is there a better price for the same product, understand the market. Finally, in light of its own situation, select the most suitable product.

Second, the focus on quality is key

The saying goes, adept doorway, look lively. In the selection of carving machine, not only choose those appearance beautiful, atmospheric, more important is the quality of the product. Here there are a few to watch: engraving machine, engraving depth, engraving machine wash formation at the end of the second, three, engraving machine computer signals, not normal mechanical function of four carved the origin and so on. Before you buy engraving machines, conducted a number of experiments to determine product quality assured, you can buy.