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CO2 laser cutting machine product features
Nov 08, 2017

1, modern intelligent design. On the table, easy to work.

2, together with the HIWIN rail to strengthen the framework, high precision.

3, transparent acrylic gatekeeper, easy to check the working process.

4, independent laser tube cabinet, protective tube, easy to replace

5, stainless steel comb table to avoid rust.

6, the red cross to provide the highest precision position.

7, with a stable laser path of high efficiency tube. 40W-90W life of 4000-10000 hours.

8, professional motion control card provides the fastest curve cutting and shortest path selection. Shorten working hours.

9, U disk off-line operation to facilitate the work.


Applicable to CO2 laser cutting machine mainly require uniform cutting of special parts, advertising, decoration and other service industries with a thickness of not more than three millimeters of stainless steel and non-metallic material thickness of not more than twenty millimeters, there is a cutting contour Complex but small quantities of workpieces are machined to save the cost and cycle of making molds.

S samples were made by co2 laser cutting machine