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Considerations for milling machine vertical plane
Mar 05, 2016

Requires milling milling vertical plane out of the plane and the datum plane perpendicular. On the horizontal milling machine with cylindrical milling cutter can mill such effects on a vertical milling machine with milling cutter can mill such a plane which is parallel to the work surface, so that milling vertical plane under these conditions, installed perpendicular to the table is the base level, is the key to milling vertical plane problems.

Machining surface less than the main reasons are as follows:

1, machine vices and countertops is not normal. This is in addition to vise installation and permits bad things, if too much clamping force, could also make a vise deformation, so that the fixed clamp leaning outside. When clamping, no Bell long vise clamping handle or hammer banging on the handle. Because excessive force clamp makes fixed clamp face-dumping, not back to the correct position, vise positioning accuracy, especially in precision milling, clamping force is not too big, are subject to clamping

2 piece datum, and fixed jaw joint is bad. In addition to Burr, wipe the stain fixed jaw and workpiece datum, and should also be placed at the active jaws of a round bar or place a narrow and long, slightly thick copper sheet.

3, horizontal milling machine spindle when perpendicular to the jaw, cylindrical milling cutter or vertical milling cutters with taper Zhou Xi a vertical surface, grinding mills again to ensure the cylindricity of cylindrical milling cutters with indexable requirements.

4, base-poor quality. When base-flatness is poor and rough and will cause errors in the loading process, resulting in milling of vertical planes unable to meet the requirements.

5, in the bedroom when face milling vertical plane on a milling machine, bench "zero" no, Workbench can disrupt the vertical vertical feed milling, milling should be corrected before table of "zero".

6, vertical milling machine spindle "zero" no, its effects and when face milling vertical plane horizontal milling machine worktable "zero" no similar, should also be corrected before the milling end mills from the "zero position."