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Engraving machine performance characteristics:
Mar 24, 2018

1. The machine adopts a casting bed with strong rigidity, which ensures that high-speed operation does not deform and shake for a long time.

2. The machine adopts linear guide rails, which have large load-bearing redundancy and long service life. The computer operating system is easy to operate. It is easy to learn to operate the machine. It can be learned without any foundation.

3. With the function of power-off continuous engraving, there is no need to worry about sudden power-off in the process of engraving, and it can be started from the place where the power-off ends, which greatly saves processing time.

4. With a breakpoint memory function, the tool wear or broken in the process of the need for a tool change, after the tool change can be processed from the place of the tool change.

5. With automatic knife setting function, tool wear or broken in the process of the need to change the knife, the naked eye is easy to have a deviation of the knife, resulting in different depths of processing relief, there are seams, the machine is equipped with a tool after the instrument can automatically Set the knife to make sure that the knife is correct.

6. Travel limit switch protection Effectively protect the machine from damage