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Engraving machines in daily use with what caution?
Mar 04, 2016

First, before use check the motor spindle coolant in the cooling of stocks, opening the spindle of the motor cooling, ensure the coolant circulating properly. Opening positive pressure seal to avoid processing wastewater, coolant into the motor spindle bearing.

Second, fitting materials must be strong, must follow the "cartridge real, loaded, flat" principle, carving the place left vacant under material is strictly prohibited.

When he was three and chucking tools must first clean up the dust and debris of the card front, mounted pressure inside the CAP and place card, and then mounted onto the motor shaft and plug tool into the Chuck, and finally to pin tighten pressure Cap. Upper and lower knife loose pressure CAP is strictly prohibited when using push-pull and rotate mode must be used. Knife should first clean up litter on the pressure CAP and turn, release the pressure Cap tool won and then unscrew the CAP out of the Chuck.

When four, fitting tools, tool showing length of head restraints shall be reference to the engraving depth file fixture may be. Meet the conditions exposed cards in length as short as possible, while the total length of the tool is less than 22mm, continue to use is strictly prohibited.

When he was five and chucking tools, length of shank into the Chuck must be greater than 18mm.

When I was six, in processing such as cutting fluid must be rushed to the cutting tools.

Seven, the engraving process, no close observation to prevent flying into the eye of chip. Observed to be suspended when carving, turn off the motor shaft and determine the motor spindle is no longer spinning. Engraving process, do not touch the cutting surface, prohibiting the use of cotton wipe the work surface.

Eight, it is strictly forbidden to any items placed on the machine table or bar; no hand on the beam and protective cover on the machine, such as prohibition of lean on the machine.