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HD-CNC cutting machine operating procedures
Jun 07, 2018

In order to ensure the personal safety of the operators of CNC cutting machines and promote the continuous development of the cutting industry, relevant professionals have developed a series of operating procedures for CNC cutting machines to ensure the safety of production and the normal operation of production. .

First of all, the operator must be very familiar with the CNC cutting machine, whether it is the structure of the cutting machine, the scope of application or the technical specifications of the cutting machine and the safety rules that must be observed when using it, must be familiar with it. So as not to cause an accident when using. In addition, before the formal operation, the operator is generally required to take the test, and only the test can pass the CNC machine.

Secondly, before the official start of work, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the CNC cutting machine. It is necessary to check whether the link bolts of various parts of the cutting machine are loose, check whether the transmission of the cutting machine runs smoothly, check the cutting material. Whether the buttons of the machine are normal, and whether the lubrication system, pneumatic system and various safety systems of the cutting machine are all in good condition. When these have been checked without any problems, the normal boot operation can be performed.

Then, before the formal processing, it is best to run the CNC opener first, because only the empty operation can ensure that all parts of the machine are very normal, ensuring safety.

Finally, when the CNC cutting machine is running, the operator must pay attention to his own health and safety. Whether it is feeding or unloading, the safety requirements must be strictly observed to avoid accidents.

Once the CNC cutting machine is illegally operated, it is very prone to accidents, causing serious damage to the machine and equipment operators, so it must be highly valued by various departments.

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