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How does the engraving machine work?
May 17, 2018

Engraving machine consists of computer, engraving machine controller, engraving machine host three parts.

Working principle: It is designed and typeset by special engraving software configured in the computer, and the information of the design and typesetting is automatically transmitted from the computer to the engraving machine controller. The controller then converts the information into a stepping motor or can drive the stepper motor. The signal (pulse train) of the servo motor with power controls the engraving machine to generate X, Y, Z three-axis engraving tool path diameter.

At the same time, the high-speed rotating engraving head on the engraving machine cuts the processing material fixed on the host table through the tool configured by the processing material, and can sculpt various plane or three-dimensional relief patterns and characters designed in the computer. , to achieve automatic engraving operations.