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How to make the engraving machine engraving?
Mar 04, 2016

First of all, before we begin work, we should be careful to check spelling of text in the sculpture project. If possible, print it out and confirm with customers.

Secondly, protection of the carvings: relief engraving machine in the process of carving, carvings are often wrong, we are often distressed to have to say to customers their goods were damaged during the carving process.

Once again, in order to avoid these problems, we can try the following actions:

Checks whether the carving the use of pliers or Chuck with wrong? Meanwhile, woodworking machine pliers or head wear will result in dislocation of the carvings. Pliers or Chuck if too tight, in the cutter contact carved moment will result in carvings of pop-up.

For those who are not rules carved in the shape of things, seems to have been fixed on the surface is tight, when the pressure will also shake before and after. At that point you can try body waste on the ground to increase the friction. Is to keep the packaging, while the irregular shape of the object, but the packaging itself can be very regular, and easily fixed, along with a small band, irregularly shaped objects can easily be fixed. Or try the tool fixed part of its rules, instead of the irregular parts.

Carved the pressure if is large, consider whether you need to use the nose cone of a knife, if woodworking engraving machine diamond tool moves too much pressure in the engraving process, tool pressure will result in being carved on the side of mobile. If you are using an incorrect diamond knife, can also cause the same problem. A 90 or 100 degrees, a diamond blade deeply carved, and the material was carved during the move.

Since wood engraving machines are often equipped with multifunctional pliers or Chuck, and they are made of iron, so easily carved material damage or make it slip during the carving process, then use some rubber cap or rubber tubes for the carvings will help fix.