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How to properly maintain woodworking engraving machine
Jul 25, 2018

In order to maintain the good condition of the various parts of the engraving machine, it is very important to maintain regular maintenance. The content requirements for daily maintenance of different types of engraving machines are not exactly the same, but in general they include the following aspects:

1. Do not place the machine in a damp place. Choose a well-ventilated place and do not expose it to the sun.

2. Regular maintenance, cleaning the screw, rotating parts and rails should always drop lubricants to ensure that the machine can complete the rotating and moving tasks efficiently and reduce wear.

3. Do not work because you are used to the side of the engraving machine. This will cause the lead screw and guide rail to be out of contact with the beam for a long time and cannot be properly lubricated.

4. Check the control cabinet and the machine line for looseness before work every day. Is there any problem with the mixed line? Whether the use of the wire for a long time causes the wire to wear and cause leakage.

5. Because the engraving machine belongs to a machine with a relatively large dust, it is necessary to clean the gap of the machine at least once a week.

6. Do not place any objects, corrosive or magnetic substances that may interfere with the operation of the machine.

7. The power consumption of the engraving machine is generally large, so configure a voltage regulator to ensure that the ground wire is grounded.

8. The computer connected to the machine should be used separately from the computer that works on the network. The CD software also uses the regular software as much as possible to prevent the virus from attacking the computer and the machine and affecting the work.