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How to select a carving machine
Mar 04, 2016

Engraving machine brands on the market such as stars, the engraving machine to buy programmes differ. How select a paragraph for himself of carved machine does? any a paragraph carved machine are cannot meet all customer of needs, select carved confidential consider following factors: to conform to industry of development, and to meet itself processing features of need and itself development direction of need, and to meet company of status, and to meet company customer of need; needs different, and development direction different, and company status different on should select different of carved machine.

To adapt to industry development: scale, diversification is the engraving on the development direction of the industry.

Scale on requirements carved machine must has following function: convenient of operating system; only operation convenient of carved machine to meet scale production of need, to let a people operation number Taiwan carved machine became may; only a people can operation number Taiwan carved machine to reflected scale of advantage; convenient of operating system currently main has following reflected: automatically on knife, automatically for knife, and real-time monitoring, and breakpoint memory,.

Superior stability and superior cooling performance: no superior stability and superior cooling performance equipment operating time cannot be guaranteed, the same can not reflect the advantages of mass production; superior stability depends on the components selection, electrical parts, the engraving machine manufacturers using imported components, independent research and development capacity is the key.

Sustainable upgrade: engraving machine fast and easy updates is another large-scale production demand; without sustainable upgrade capabilities carving chance allows you to keep the massive investment; engraving machine manufacturers may continue to escalate if the key is that you have a comprehensive research and development capabilities.

Diversification requires engraving machine has the following features: sustainable upgrade; engraving machines according to customer's needs and constantly upgrade, the engraving machine manufacturers with comprehensive ability of research and development has become a key; engraving machine manufacturers have developed professional engraver has become critical.

To meet their processing characteristics, must conform to the company's development situation; the engraving company must be based on the company's strengths, company characteristics of different dimensions, different engraving machine; such as large format sculpture based enterprises must choose a 1.2H machine, strong financial strength not of the enterprise must select a relatively high cost of the machine, and so on.

To meet company customer of needs, company customer of needs main has following several aspects: carved of quality; carved of quality depends on carved of precision, and design software of function and excellent of Hou processing process; to guarantee carved of precision carved machine must used imports of motor, and ball silk rod, and guide; to can application excellent of design software on must has powerful of software compatibility; to has excellent of Hou processing process on need manufacturers or dealer can provides Hou processing process aspects of training.