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Laser processing features
Mar 06, 2018

Laser processing features:

The company is located in:

1. High efficiency and advanced processing

The use of non-contact processing mode, there is no traditional processing of residual force problems, tool updates, no cutting, noise, etc., is conducive to the protection of the environment.

Flexible processing

No molds or consumable materials are needed, so instant processing can be done on a single piece, a variety of or a few objects with different graphics.

3 advanced processing technology

Can achieve rapid casting, rapid mold manufacturing, especially for the development of new products and production of single parts.

Laser rapid prototyping is the use of a new forming principle - layered processing, superposition forming. He is a variety of advanced manufacturing technology integration.

4 is widely used in various materials

It can process rigid, brittle or difficult metal metals or non-metals such as gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum or any other kind of non-ferrous metals, rare metals.

5. Low cost, easy to operate

Manufacturing speed, low cost, saving time and cost.

Fiber laser cutting advantages:

(1) fiber laser cutting series is driven by fiber drawing metal precision machining equipment

1325D Metal And Non Metal Laser Cutting Machine