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Method of computer engraving machine
Mar 05, 2016

"In addition to computer engraving machine, outside the computer printing machines, there appears a new machine in the advertising industry. It is a computer engraving machine. In order to choose the right computer engraving machine, we believe that we should pay attention to the following points:

, Engraving machine category: functional computer engraving machine is divided into low-power engraving machines and two large power carving classes. Power of motor for low power engraving machine is carving small engraving machine (80-200W), due to the smaller motor power carving time can be applied to smaller cutting surface of fine processing. Such as badges, sand table model of surface processing, handicrafts and so on. This type of engraving machine not power carving and cutting. Power refers to carve the engraving machine engraving machine motor power 700W. This engraving machines can not only low-power engraving, can also be used for high power carving. For example: production of Crystal, all kinds of advertising signs, plates of irregular molding, processing of artificial stone. Because of its power, so one can cut down 30mm thick Plexiglas or power engraving with cutter. Some users do not know of engraving machine has two high-power and low-power, high-power engraving machine demo, because their investment problems, buy cheaper low-power engraving machine. Only badge carve each block less than two Yuan (some areas only a few cents), Lucite carved signs and other high power can only be watching someone else do it. The same investment, the same store expenses, the same operations and other staff salaries, there is 80% engraving business cannot be done, not only to reduce their benefits, but in a very disadvantageous position in the competition. This select engraving machine, must be noted. If you are in this industry, be sure to purchase power carving of engraving machines.

Second, the engraving machine brands: relative to the engraving machine engraving machine production technology is much more complex and engraving machine engraving machine is different from many, that's a lot of cutting plotter manufacturers in early development failed to product launch reason after engraving machine. Engraving machine fine and stable, and when the situation is unstable it will cause a serious waste of material. The products so purchased has the strength to reduce waste and the potential for loss in case of machine failure.

Operation of the three, carefully carving Demo: small carvings can be seen carving machine accuracy, high power carving can be seen engraving machine's range of application. If engraving machine engraving and print accuracy is very poor, so the power carving edge when rough; power engraving if you develop more serious resonance (vibrations), can also cause carving machine accuracy is greatly reduced. If engraving machine no power engraving, the engraving machine range will be greatly reduced. So based on the demonstration of engraving machines to determine the application range of engraving machines, or scope of your sculpture business. Engraving machine's range of application determines whether you make more money.

Four, engraving machines, consumables and software applications: engraving machine supplies are low, General engraving machine should be able to apply the ordinary lathe cutting tools, price more than 10 Yuan. But some of the engraving machine is for all cutting tools, greatly improving the material cost. Application software is also very important. Some brands of engraving software failure, the engraving machine or use other software. Other brands of engraving machines can use common software, as long as there are new software or a software has a new feature to upgrade, these new technologies can create benefits to you right away.

Part five, engraving machine control: controlling parts of the engraving machine is generally divided into two categories. First is the computer control and control part of the power drive. This type of engraving machines not working offline, or other typesetting engraving process fails and may be a waste because of computer errors. Second is control and drive controller itself. This machine can work offline, that is, once the engraver started working, computer typesetting can be performed immediately. This savings is actually a computer and reduce waste due to computer error. This way to greatly improve the efficiency of the engraving machine.

Six, on carved motor: Jay Nelson engraving machines use high power variable frequency motor ensures machine power cuts at the same time, both fine processing, cutting the power and precision processing combined. Some domestic brands of the engraving machine is not reluctant to choose power carving motor, but because of its mechanical without power carving could stand rigid and cannot be used.