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Milling machine maintenance and maintenance considerations
Mar 05, 2016

Milling machine maintenance and service life, accuracy and productivity has a very close relationship, milling machine and maintenance work, do not ignore the following aspects;

1, the new milling machine operation should be carefully read before description and its related technical information.

2, prior to each work shift operation, you must first wipe clean various parts of the milling machine.

3, the lubrication system of milling machine, CNC milling machine instruction time refueling or oil changes. Each pre-shift and post-shift work needs to come on the site, such as ducts, hand pumps, Niu Shirun slide valve should oil or pull, or push on time. Screw, guide lamp in each class before and after class should be clean and lubricate. Oil, oil everywhere Windows often observe is normal.

4, was put into operation before you should check the CNC milling machine working parts are intact. And check that all handles and knobs in a reasonable position. And no-load operation, observe the milling machine is in working condition.

5, CNC milling machine working table and spindle components cannot be strongly struck with a hard object. Workpieces and fixtures to my care. No mess kits and blanks the workpiece on the table and other debris.

6, strictly implement the responsibility system. During the operation to concentrate, no milling operation distraction, even away from work.

7, milling machine cannot be overloaded. Machining of workpieces and fixture on the use of important load cannot exceed milling machines (loads of various types of milling machines are clearly limited in manual)

8, high precision milling machine, cutting should not be too large, should not use large-diameter single-or double-disc cutter for cutting impact.

9 fault is particularly important, timely detection and elimination of milling machines. Don't let trouble-milling machines with working. In the process of milling, if found any anomalies and milling machine noise, should be immediately shut down, and reports to the maintenance personnel to repair.

10, processing is completed, before the shift, Miller should be wiped clean, wipe with soft cloth and chip and oil brushes clear, do not use hard objects to clean milling machines, compressed air blowing dirt more taboo, so as not to have tiny chips and dust and other debris embedded in the moving parts.