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Overview including the engraving machine components, applications, services, technology
Mar 05, 2016

Engraving machine is a CNC engraving machine is an automated carving machine with control system. Engraving machine currently consists of laser engraving machines and mechanical engraving machine in two categories, mechanical engraving machine can be divided into several categories. Relative to laser engraving machines, mechanical engraving machine can control engraving depth of engraving products, more accustomed to the relief process. Homemade mechanical engraving machines for the woodworking industry is relatively mature; for the stone industry in the development and market development stages.

Below focuses on mechanical engraving machine (referred to as engraver), machining principles through spindle motor rotation of the Rotary engraving tool to achieve a variety of engraving effect (yin, Yang Diao, relief carving, drilling, milling, cutting, pierced, and so on) carving the head positioning is done automatically, it can refer to the Wikipedia computer numerical control machine tools.

Engraving machine major components:

Control system contains controller (computer and DSP handles, weihongyi), control card engraving heads for positioning system contains drive motor (divided into servo and stepper), motor drive, fuselage orbit and related hardware; engraving heads for machining system contains the spindle motor and frequency converter controller running host systems and related accessories.

Engraving machine applications:

Early advertising and gift industry-oriented and later developed to the wooden furniture industry in recent years to the stone processing industry; this is the engraving machine development from mainstream manufacturers. Also developed the automobile mould industry, sculpture, carving, mold industry, wood processing industry, wood industry, head and so on.

Engraving machine manufacturers ' services:

Manufacturers generally maintenance free year, manufacturers generally provide on-site installation and training, manufacturers provide a testing tool and its accessories, factory training, simple mapping; late good manufacturers will provide technical support to customer purchase referral program BOP.

Engraving machines can process:

Common flat engraving machine can Yin carving, immersion, Yang Diao, relief carving, engravings, slot milling, hollowing out, and cutting, waves sculpting, computer lettering, such as processing, mainly in the processing of three-dimension carving machine 600mm mm diameter stereo processing.

Glossary: CNC computer (computer) CNC machine tools, CNC part of NC, and gradually to replace the NC, Baidu search for differences between NC and CNC for more information as well as their concept.