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Stone carving machine thunder rainy day operation need to pay attention to matters?
May 10, 2018

First, there are many thunderstorms in summer. Stone carving machines must ensure good grounding, reduce static electricity, improve machine stability, and protect operators.

    Second, do not place the stone engraving machine in humid or air humidity greater than 35% of the place. The shape of the engraving machine adopts a steel structure or a cast iron structure. However, inside the power distribution cabinet of the engraving machine are some electronic components with circuit boards, which are used in wet air to generate unnecessary faults such as short circuits.

    Third, the summer is generally a peak period of residential electricity and often accompanied by thunderstorms, often appear unstable power supply line and other phenomena, which in the stone engraving machine often shows the phenomenon of stalling spindle engraving machine, the configuration of a lower sculpture The machine will also appear to burn out the driver overload phenomenon. It is recommended that customers connect the regulator of the corresponding model under the guidance of our technician to reduce unnecessary losses.

    Fourth, water-cooled spindle stone engraving machine equipment, when the temperature is too high, but also pay attention to the temperature of the water tank, in time to increase the new cold water to prevent the water temperature is too high and can not play a cooling effect on the water cycle of the spindle.