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Stone carving machine track common maintenance methods:
Mar 09, 2018

Because stone engraving machines often use water, the machines are relatively humid and must be maintained every day. Care must be taken when maintaining the X, Y, Z triaxial rod with oil; the screw part must use high-speed butter; if the working environment in winter is too low, the screw, rod, square rail or circular guide Other parts should be washed with gasoline first, then add oil, otherwise it will cause the resistance of the machine's transmission part is too large, resulting in the machine's misalignment and other issues.

1. Pay attention to cut off the power in time: When changing the tool, the spindle motor power must be cut off. When replacing the machining material, the power of the CNC equipment must be cut off.

2. Remove the wrench: Before turning on the machine, remove the wrench of the machining spindle.

3. Keep alert: Keep a safe distance during processing, keep your head clear, and do not perform operations when you are tired.