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The principle of improving the efficiency of CNC cutting machine
Nov 15, 2018

To develop a highly feasible and efficient process, we must grasp the following basic principles:

1. The principle of synchronization is that the product's parts are oriented in the general direction of the product, and the small direction is based on the number of single-piece packages of the product. The parts are controlled as much as possible or at the same time as possible to achieve the packaging process, avoiding packaging, etc. The central content of the phenomenon is actually the working hours in the process flow table. The working hours of each component of the product must be clear and accurate. The comprehensive and comprehensive factors are considered in full.

2. The principle of downstream flow should try to avoid the reverse flow of the product parts on the CNC cutting machine. The reverse flow phenomenon will block the normal flow of other parts, just like the traffic flow on the road, making the whole workshop process disorderly, which is not conducive to management. The control of the person, the central content here is the sequence of the process in the process flow table. The difficulty is how to solve the contradiction between the cross-operation and the synchronous arrival of the production process of each component.

3. The principle of sufficiency is to avoid the waste of the process itself in each process. For example, the equipment can be used to open three plates at the same time, and design it into two plates and then the hole in the plate. It can be finished twice, and you design it to be finished three or four times. This will result in waste of the process itself and affect the processing efficiency. To do this, the first thing is that the corresponding process documents should be comprehensive, that is, the material is opened. The process must have a cutting plan, and the order of the sawing should be prepared. The drilling process should have a drilling pattern, and different drilling plans should be optimized for different types of drilling, and the working hours should be combined.

4. Quality Principles Any process that improves efficiency cannot be at the expense of product quality, because product quality is the life of the product, and mass production can be maximized under the premise of quality assurance.

5. Progressive principle A good process design is actually the beginning of a better and better process design. Process design itself is a process of continuous improvement in practice. Only better is not the best.

CNC cutting machine

Production management personnel should develop the habit of data management and data manipulation so that they can continuously improve and constantly improve, surpassing one new limit, and can not be emotionally managed according to experience. Today, my mood is good, workers are listening to the command, then The process flow of the product is very smooth, otherwise there will be some influential factors, and there will be no way to end up. Some people have been in production for several years or even ten years. The management level is only at a stage, the progress is not obvious; and some people are based on science. A reasonable way to manipulate the production process, you can enter the state in a short period of time and get better and better because he is steadily moving forward step by step.