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What would cause damage to the engraving machine spindle?
Mar 04, 2016

CNC router spindle is carved boot will run one of the major parts, is also one of an indispensable accessory. Engraving machine in the spindle easily damaged, resulting in failure for many reasons, we say the following four reasons.

1, the first reason is the quality of the engraving spindle issue that is the spindle itself faulty cause bearing damage. Using a poor quality bearing, spindle engraving machine when running live shorter, easy to damage is easy to explain.

2, the second reason is the engraving spindle cooling system had no effect. Engraving machine spindle cooling water circulation system, if the water cycle for a long time is not good, or forget to water circulation for a long time, there will be thermal expansion effects, resulting in increased friction, cause damage to the bearings.

3, the third reason and engraving machine specific operations related to spindle speed has not yet reached started carving, likely to cause damage to bearings, some customers in the engraving and carving material resistance is not the same size, no timely adjustment of the speed with which damage spindle engraving machine.

4, the fourth is for water cooled spindle must freeze measures in winter, freezing the water in cold weather may lead to break things often, engraving spindle will get frostbite.