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Small Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Small Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Basic Info Type:Laser Engraving Machine Usage:Metal Laser Laser Type:CO2


Product Description

Metal and non-metal laser cutting system Employed with laser metal techniques, this control system is suitable for non-metal laser cutting and metal laser cutting.

Laser control signals, differential output, up to 20mA driving ability

Specific functions for metal cutting

A metal cutting tool is a tool that removes material from a metal workpiece through a shear deformation process. The cutting process can be accomplished using single or multi-point tools. A single point tool is used to remove material through cutting edges through forming, turning, planing and other similar operations. Multi-point tools for milling, drilling and grinding.

In order to produce high-quality workpieces, metal cutting tools must have the following characteristics:

1. Toughness makes the tool not damaged or chipped
2. Hardness allows the tool to withstand the heat generated by metal cutting
3. Wear resistance, so that the tool can have a very long working life

It is very important that the material of the metal cutting tool is harder than the material to be cut, because this ensures that the tool can withstand the heat generated by metal cutting.
It is also important that the cutting tool has a specific geometry and relief angle so that the cutting edge of the tool can accurately contact the workpiece so that the cutting process can be performed efficiently.


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