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260W CNC Laser Cutting Machine
Apr 03, 2018

Machine features:

1) 260w CO2 laser tube that can sculpt and cut most metal and non-metal materials.

2) The water cooling system (CW-5200) automatically controls the water temperature and cools and protects the laser tube.

3) The air pump protects the cutting material and helps to obtain better results. If cutting steel, oxygen is necessary.

4) Exhaust fans and ducts remove dust and fumes to protect optical components and users.

5) Aluminum alloy blade can be placed hard disk. Optional table: Honeycomb table, up/down lifting table.

6) The Leetro USB controller system. The machine works without connecting to a computer.

7) Imported lenses and mirrors bring high cutting accuracy.

8) The X and Y axes of the machine tool are cast aluminum.

9) Options: Lift Table, Cellular Workstation, Rotary, Air Compressor, etc.

Grouping equipment:

Industrial cooling system

Constant water temperature ensures long life and stability of the laser tube

2. Exhaust fan

Exhaust fans remove dust and smoke to protect optical components and users.

3. Electromagnetic pump

Blowing protects the lens from smoke and dust. It also protects the material being processed from fire or burns.

The laser head uses an autofocus system. When cutting metal, the laser head will automatically adjust the height along with the metal surface unevenness, so that the focal length is always the same and the cutting effect is better.