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Advantages Of Cold Machining Of Ultraviolet Laser Machine In Processing
Sep 30, 2017

Advantages of cold machining of ultraviolet laser machine in processing

UV laser marking machine belongs to the laser marking machine series of a product, is also the latest research and development of a laser processing technology, because the traditional laser marking machine used is the laser is hot processing technology, laser machine in the fineness of the lifting space has a restrictive development, but UV laser marking machine is a cold processing, so in the fineness, The heat effect has been minimized and is a big leap in laser technology.

Ultraviolet laser processing becomes cold processing, because the high energy molecule of the ultraviolet photon, directly separates the molecules that need to process the metal or nonmetal material, but this detachment causes the molecule to separate from the material, this kind of work way does not produce the heat, Because this does not produce the heat of the way the work of ultraviolet laser processing became cold processing, which is the source, but also with the traditional laser difference.

On the basis of cold machining, processing product material effect will get better results, better development, in the use of cold laser processing, laser machine the probability of material impact reduced to 1%, so the advantages of its processing has been fully applied, but also laser technology a major upgrade, believe that the future laser market above, Ultraviolet laser will gradually be used widely.

With the rapid development of laser technology in recent years, the application of laser technology in different fields has been gradually expanded, widely used in many aspects of processing now, the unique processing method not only solves the many problems of processing now, but also puts forward more possibilities for processing now.

Now the application of laser technology in endlessly, a variety of new applications continue to present, the rapid development of laser technology, laser machine is gradually infiltrated into many aspects of processing and manufacturing now. In the field of precision machining, the application of ultraviolet laser marking machine is becoming more and more widely, the ultraviolet laser processing process is called "The Light Eclipse" effect, "cold processing" has the very high load energy (ultraviolet) photon, can interrupt the material (especially organic material) or the chemical bond in the surrounding medium, causes the material to cause the non thermal process to destroy. This cold processing in the laser marking process has a special significance, because it is not a thermal ablation, but does not produce "thermal damage" side effects, interrupted the cold stripping of chemical bonds, and thus the surface of the processed surfaces and adjacent areas do not produce heating or thermal deformation and so on. The processed material has a smooth edge and a very low limit of carbonation. Therefore, laser machine the ultraviolet laser marking machine is very suitable for the fine processing now, the outstanding performance is accepted by many industries, and become an important processing method in the field of precision machining now.

Ultraviolet laser focus is very small, at the same time has a small heat affected area, so when processing, will not affect the surface of the mark of the surrounding materials, small laser beam also meet the present fine processing needs, as well as special areas of processing needs, is now the high mark effect of the first choice of customers. laser machine At the same time, UV laser marking machine wide range of applications can be refined for most of the marking of materials, processing speed, high efficiency, the stability of the machine, can meet the mass production and assembly line, is now fine processing field of powerful assistant. Now the UV laser marking machine has been widely applied in the fine processing field of high-end market, in the fine processing field now plays an important role, giving us fine processing now provides a fast and efficient solution.