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Advantages Of Laser Machine In Engraving
Aug 10, 2017

  Advantages of laser machine in engraving

  Laser engraving machine is the use of high energy density laser beam on the target effect, using laser engraving target surface physical or chemical changes, so as to obtain visible patterns of marking.

  The high-energy laser beam is focused on the material surface, so that the material is quickly vaporized to form pits. laser machine As the laser beam moves regularly on the surface of the material while controlling the laser's opening, the laser beam is processed into a specified pattern on the material surface.

  Compared with the traditional marking process, laser machine laser technology has obvious advantages:

  (1). Fast marking, clear handwriting, permanent.

  (2). Non-contact processing, small pollution, no wear.

  (3). Convenient operation and strong anti-counterfeiting function.

  (4). Can achieve high-speed automation operation, low production costs.

  (5). Precise and meticulous: the processing accuracy can reach 0.1mm.

  (6). Low cost: not limited by the number of processing, laser machine for small batch processing services, laser technology is more suitable.

  (7). Saving Material: Laser processing using computer programming, can optimize the product group cutting, maximize the material utilization, greatly reducing the cost of enterprise materials.

  (8). Product Development: Once the product drawing is formed, the laser processing can be done immediately, laser machine and the new product can be obtained in the shortest time.