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Advertising Engraving Machine Industry Understand
May 07, 2018

With the understanding and mastery of advertising engraving machines, the scope of application and level of application will gradually increase, such as advertising, seal industry, craft gifts, art model industry, wood processing industry, mold industry and so on. Machinable materials include acrylic, two-color board, PVC, ABS board, stone, imitation stone

Materials, metals, aluminum-plastic plates and other materials.

Advertising industry: carving, cutting all kinds of signs, signposts, marble, copper, fonts, fonts, all kinds of signs, trademarks and other metal materials.

Arts & Crafts Industry: Crafts, souvenirs on the engraving of various types of text, graphics, iron art carving, dial.

Mold processing: architectural model, physical model, hot stamping die, motor, high-frequency die, micro-ejection die, shoes, badges, embossing die, biscuits, chocolate, candy mold.

Seal industry: The seal can be easily carved on horn, plastic, organic board, wood, storage pad and other materials.