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Analysis Of Woodworking Machinery
Jun 20, 2017

  Analysis of Woodworking Machinery

  (A) alarm failure

  Overtravel alarm, that the machine has reached the limit during the operation for the location, please follow the following steps to check:

  1, Woodworking Machine the design of the graphics size is beyond the processing range.

  2, check the machine motor shaft and screw cable is loose, if the case, please tighten the screws.

  3, the machine and the computer is properly grounded.

  4, whether the current coordinate value exceeds the soft limit value range.

  (B) overtaking alarm and release

  In the case of overtravel, all movement axes are automatically set to the jogging state. As long as the manual direction key is held down, the connected motion state is restored at any time when the machine leaves the limit position (ie, from the overtravel switch). Direction, must be away from the limit position. Soft limit alarm in the coordinate settings can be XYZ clear

  (C) non-alarm failure 1,Woodworking Machine repeat the processing accuracy is not enough, according to the first paragraph of the second inspection.

  2, the computer is running, the machine does not move, check the computer control card and electrical box connector is loose, if the plug, and tighten the fixed screw.

  3, the machine can not find the signal back to the original machine, according to Article 2. Check the mechanical origin near the switch failure.

  (D) output failure 1. do not output, please check the computer and control box is connected.

  2. Open the engraving manager settings in the space is full, delete the manager does not have the file.

  3. Whether the signal line wiring is loose, carefully check whether the lines are connected.

  (5) engraving failure 1, whether the various parts of the screw loose.

  2.Woodworking Machine Check that the path you are handling is correct.

  3. Is the file too much computer processing error?

  4. Increase or decrease the spindle speed to accommodate different materials (typically 8000-24000)

  5, unscrew the knife chuck, the knife turn a direction of clamping, the knife is put, so as not to carve the object is not clean.

  6. Check the tool for damage, replace the new knife, re-carving.