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CNC Router And Milling Machine Application
Jul 04, 2017

  CNC Router and milling machine application

  1. Machine tool rigidity and stability In order to make the machine has enough stability, rigid to avoid vibration Many manufacturers are CNC drilling and CNC Router circuit board processing an important equipment, the equipment is expensive, the choice of CNC machine tools not only for the operation, It is important to set up and maintain the quality of the product.

  2. Rotary speed and stability of the shaft There are two kinds of shafts for a rolling bearing up to 80,000 rpm, the other for the air bearing speed up to 12 million turn. If the milling machine should be used roller bearings, because of its longitudinal bearing better than the air bearing, the drill chuck is also the focus of the procurement range of inspection, some drill chuck is not easy to replace maintenance difficulties, some drill chuck wear quickly became supplies and Replacement costs are expensive, and some require daily maintenance waste time. The presser foot of the shaft is also another, its life and design unreasonable can cause great trouble, such as between the shaft and the presser foot is not sealed caused by a large vacuum of the vacuum cleaner to make a waste of funds or the power of the central vacuum Waste, and there may be bad circuit board hole chip situation.

  3. Table movement accuracy and displacement Repeatability is the most important point of selection, but also can not be seen through the picture or ordinary operation, and only after the purchase of the test can be certified, the current equipment at the factory can be designed to achieve Standard, CNC Router the key is to run one to two years after the accuracy is very stable, in this regard the production of machine tools in Europe to do better.

  4. Feed rate of X, Y, and Z axes Feed rates are currently available with screw stepper motors at 25 m per minute, while new products have been servomotors and high feed rates increase productivity % -40%, the speed of the Z axis by the drill and the drilling material affected by the feed rate, the impact on production efficiency is not great.

  5. The movement of the table and the mounting of the table The movement of the table is dominated by a number of guide rails. There is also a load carried by the air float as a table movement. The air table is flexible and easy to maintain. The platform is a pneumatic chuck, which is generally a pneumatic chuck. The chuck design has an important effect on the subsequent replacement of the equipment. It is generally not easy to wear because it is one of the places where the wear is most severe. Once the wear and replacement and commissioning to be easy, CNC Router including the positioning accuracy for the machine (for milling machine template). There are many manufacturers to provide automatic clamping device, if you do not have a good equipment maintenance engineers is best not to use, because the use of automatic loading and unloading device on the maintenance engineer requirements are high, and the current circuit board drill sometimes more than 1 hour , Generally no need to choose.

  6. Maximum processing size The largest processing size is purchased as needed. At present, most of the machine tools can meet your needs, except for some single or double axis for the test or production of test fixture outside the machine.

  7. operating system and control system Now many machine tools using a common windows operating system interface is very friendly, and some also use Chinese, easier to get started to learn and operate, but its shortcomings in the computer virus stability and management is more difficult, CNC Router there are The use of industrial systems or Unix systems, the system has the advantage of good stability, not easy to failure, easy management. But the operating interface is in English, the operation get started slightly slower. It is recommended from the point of view of process and equipment maintenance.