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CNC Router Tool Selection
Jun 07, 2017

  CNC Router tool selection

  1. The characteristics and types of the tool

  In order to adapt to the high speed, high efficiency and high degree of automation of CNC machine tools, the tool is moving in the direction of standardization, generalization and modularization. It is divided into two categories: milling tool and hole cutting tool. In order to meet the high efficiency and special milling requirements, but also the development of a variety of special purpose special tool.

  1) Shank structure

  CNC Router tool holder structure is divided into modular and integral two. The modular tool system is a more advanced tool system, and each tool holder can be assembled from a variety of serialized modules. For different processing parts and machine tools, take a different assembly program, access to a variety of knife handle series, thereby improving the adaptability and utilization of the handle.

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  The working part of the overall tool holder tool is integrated with the handle on the machine. This tool holder is less adaptable to the transformation of machine tools and parts. In order to adapt to the transformation of parts and machine tools, users must reserve a variety of tool holders, so the lower utilization of the handle.

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  CNC Router tool holder and spindle hole with the cone with 7:24 cone handle, and the use of the corresponding type of pull nails, combined with the machine tool spindle. Taper shank with no self-locking, tool change and so on. Knife handle commonly used specifications are 40, 45 and 50. At present in China, the application of a more extensive IS07388-1983.MAS403-1982. ANSI / ASME 135.50-1985, etc., should choose the choice of toolholder specifications and machine tool spindle, the robot to adapt. JT: indicates the use of international standard IS07388 processing center machine with a taper handle (with a robot holding slot); followed by the corresponding number of ISO taper.

  In order to improve the processing efficiency, as far as possible the selection of high efficiency tool and handle. Selection of strong milling chuck handle, high clamping accuracy, can be used to hold the straight handle tool, because the retainer itself is a small self-locking lock, clamping force, can be used for strong milling; In the high-precision milling reaming work, but also through the rod clamping hole with the tool.