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Common Laser Engraving Machine Operation Guide And Troubleshooting Methods?
May 16, 2018

(1) How to save time


When making large-sized products with the same specifications (such as 75x25mm badges), the maximum width in the X direction should be less than 300mm, which can make the laser head's reverse speed faster, thereby increasing the speed. When engraving bitmaps, the resolution can be appropriately reduced to speed up the speed. In addition, the laser machining depth is proportional to power and speed, that is, the faster the speed is, the shallower the engraving depth is at the same power, and vice versa, so the speed and power should be increased to shorten the time.


(2) How to avoid waste products


Red laser positioning equipment is standard in general laser engraving machines. When processing irregular products, first use red light to observe whether the engraving position is accurate, and then formally process. For materials that have not been seen before, the principle of low to high power should be followed.


(3) Machine without laser


First check the magnetic switch on the top cover and front door and if there is any looseness or detachment of the circuit. (There are users in Shandong. Before the first night of work, the machine was wiped clean from the inside to the outside. The next morning, the machine was found not to emit laser light. , The inspection is to make the magnetic switch circuit off when rubbing the machine). Then check whether there is any problem with reflection or focusing lens (after Beijing users wipe the mirror, there is no screw, which makes the lens loose, resulting in no laser). If it is not for the above reasons, you must contact the maintenance personnel. Please do not handle it