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Engraving Machine Industry
Mar 04, 2016

Advertising and gift business operation: used for carving all kinds of color plate sign, plexiglass, Van Gogh-shimen, three-dimensional signs, decorative gifts, light box color man statue, relief Medal, embedded in a Wall-lamp housing, light guide plate engraving and light housing, organic plate embossed solid door first.

2 mold industry: carving embossing die for buttons, printing and stamping dies, plastic injection mould, blow mould, stamping mould, mold eyes, and so on.

3, the tobacco industry: used to package cigarette packs without security, template production and cigarette type wheel production.

4, printed circuit board (PCB) circuit in product development, drilling and milling.

5, automotive industry: tire mould auto lamp mould and ornament mold.

6, minting industry: printing a watermark security mold making mold and coins.

7, packing: bags and gilding, carton packaging adhesive matrix production.

8, model-making industry: making sand table model house model.

9, production of employee badges, numbers, as shown in.

10, the seal industry: all kinds of fonts of various types of material of seal carving