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Engraving Machine Track Maintenance Method And Importance
Mar 04, 2016

Note: either before engraving machine maintenance must pay attention to is that all power is off, check to see if power on, to be confirmed before they can proceed to the next step without any security risks and maintenance!!

First, the engraving machine track maintenance method: because the engraving machine is often used to water, so the machine wet, must be carried out every day to track maintenance. Maintenance Shi must to note of is in on x, and y, and z three axis light rod with oil for maintenance Shi; silk Rod part must to using high-speed butter; winter if work environment temperature too low silk rod, and light rod, and square guide or round Guide, part should first with gasoline for flush clean, then again joined oil, or on will caused machine drive part resistance had big and led to machine of dislocation, problem.  

Second, advertising carved machine, and woodworking carved machine, and processing center this class carved machine of guide its maintenance method for: requirements in each of job finished Hou to on x, and y, and z axis guide surface for clean, to put track Shang of cut chip and dirty real all cleanup clean, second is check guide surface has no designated injury damaged, clean finished Hou to to guide added lubricants, convenient second days of job.