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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine In The Type Of Machinery Belonging To The High-tech Large Machinery
Nov 03, 2017

Fiber laser cutting machine in the type of machinery belonging to the high-tech large machinery, this machine when the purchase price is very high, and in the process of using the technical requirements of the professional level is also very high, so we use the machinery The process must be regular mechanical processing and maintenance, so as to extend the service life of machinery Today, we talk about the use of machinery and maintenance skills.

First, keep the steel belt tight

Steel strip in the laser cutting machine operation which played a very important role in transmission, and this strip its material is steel, the steel in the course of which if not tightened, it is easy to cause the material being dumped The derailment and even the steel strip may also cause slippage, which poses a great threat to the safety of workers. Therefore, no matter when and where, the steel strip must be kept taut so as to work on the construction Personnel safety play a protective role.

Second, check the tool's perspective frequently

Because the whole part of the fiber laser cutting machine, the most important part is the cutting machine, cutting machine if the angle of a certain deviation, then the cutting process will easily lead to the final accuracy of the cut is not accurate .

Third, regular mechanical cleaning of the dust inside

Because the laser cutting machine in the cutting of the metal surface will be directly vaporized, so that the surface and inside the cutting machine will often produce a lot of dust, we should often use the vacuum cleaner suction out, so as to ensure that the mechanical zero The parts are spotless, so you can guarantee the proper operation of the parts.

Fourth, spare parts should always be lubricated

We need to lubricate the racks, rails, and many cutting machine parts from time to time so that they ensure that the gears engage very accurately during operation. As a result, the operation of the machine will be in the normal operation of the track which cut the product accuracy is also higher.

In addition to the routine maintenance of our fiber laser cutting machines, we rigorously inspect the components as we purchase the machine so we can eliminate mechanical damage at all. At the same time if the mechanical use of the process found any damage to the parts, must be promptly replaced, so that the machine itself is a protection, and secondly, to ensure that the laser cutting machine the ideal cutting results. Only do more than two points before they can extend the life of this cutting machine.