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Four Characteristics Of Woodworking Machine Process
Jul 28, 2017

  Four Characteristics of Woodworking Machine Process

  Wood is a very special non-metallic materials, composed of lignocellulosic, etc., wood tissue between the strong adhesion, containing water and the existence of wood knots, etc., are non-homogeneous structural materials, so the wood processing process will There are many complex problems, such as elastic deformation, bending, compression, cracking or fluff and so on. Because of the existence of these special characteristics, constitute the different characteristics of Woodworking Machine, summarized as follows:

  A: Woodworking Machine in the cutting of wood, the tool workpiece cutting speed is relatively high, vibration, high noise.

  Second: Woodworking Machine manufacturing accuracy is low

  Three: woodworking machine tool axis higher speed, inertia, brake difficulties.

  Four: Woodworking Machine in the process of manual operation of the proportion of slightly larger, more labor intensity, to plan a reasonable plan to work hours.