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High Efficiency And Low Cost Of Laser Cutting Machine
Jul 17, 2017

  High efficiency and low cost of laser cutting machine

  Laser cutting machine with its good cutting effect replaces the traditional laser cutting technology, its sophisticated laser processing technology and traditional cutting technology is also different. The traditional laser cutting technology costs a high cost, the need to use molds, and cutting speed is slow, so will be slowly eliminated. With the increase in the use of metal materials, laser cutting machine is also more and more widely used, now can be used in sheet metal processing, aviation, craft gifts and kitchen utensils and other industries, and all industries have exclusive laser cutting machine.

  Now the processing industry in the rapid development, whether it is stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum or galvanized sheet, iron and other metal materials, can achieve rapid, accurate and efficient cutting. So, how to use laser cutting machine cutting effect is guaranteed? Laser cutting machine cooling system to grounding, but also the regular cleaning of water tanks and waterways, this can ensure that the laser cutting machine service life, will not cause its inability to work, so need to constantly change tubes.

  So, how is the cutting effect of laser cutting machine guaranteed? Industry insiders said that the laser tube should have a reasonable installation fulcrum, and fulcrum to be installed in a reasonable position, generally the total length of the laser tube One-fourth, otherwise it will cause the laser tube spot mode to become bad. Laser cutting machine should be regular inspection and cleaning, short method is unable to solve the pressing problem.

  At the same time, should also check to clean up the suction device, the wind blower duct must be clean, otherwise there will be a lot of smoke dust can not be discharged. In addition, attention should be paid to check the focus mirror and the reflector, regularly check the quality of the lens optical system.