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Hongda Boke Carved Plate Furniture Production Line Can Be Customized
Jul 21, 2018

HONGDA BOKE is a professional manufacturer of CNC numerical control equipment. It adopts a number of CNC research patents and is committed to the research and development of CAD/CAM technology and CNC numerical control technology. It has achieved fruitful results in precision CNC machine design and CNC machining technology. The majority of production-oriented enterprises provide a comprehensive solution to the transformation of CNC, automation and intelligent. Companies with high quality product quality, perfect after-sales system, products are exported to Europe and the United States and other dozens of countries and regions.

CNC numerical control equipment.jpg

CNC cutting machines are widely used, and their functions are different in different aspects. For the production of panel furniture, the main functions of the CNC cutting machine are as follows:

Automatic typesetting technology, automatic sheet cutting, profile cutting, vertical punching technology, these functions are the main functions of our panel furniture CNC cutting machine.

Hongda Boke carved plate furniture production line customization