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How To Do Winter Laser Machine Maintenance?
Oct 18, 2017

How to do winter laser machine maintenance?

Winter comes, the weather temperature gradually lower, here to remind the laser machine new and old customers, how to do the equipment in the winter antifreeze measures.

Why do you want to do anti-freeze measures?

1. Carbon dioxide laser tube is water-cooled, we'd better control the temperature at 25 degrees, because at this temperature when the energy is the strongest.

2. During the winter icing period, if the equipment does not use the case, if the laser tube of water is not clean, will lead to the laser tube cooling layer of ice expansion, cracking laser cooling layer. Resulting in laser tube can not work properly. Winter laser tube cooling layer is not covered within the scope of the warranty. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, please follow our advice to operate.

Two how to do anti-freeze measures?

Please turn off all equipment

First with air pump or air compressor and other auxiliary equipment will be completely clean the water inside the laser tube.

And then the laser machine related to the water inside the water pipe thoroughly clean.

After the completion of the water must check whether the components of residual water, residual water can cause damage to the relevant parts, as far as possible completely clean, to avoid unnecessary losses.

If the conditions can be placed in the air-conditioned laser machine environment.

Once again, when the tank is filled with water, immediately turn on the tank power until the water cycle is normal without alarm.