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Laser Engraving Machine Features
Mar 24, 2018

1. It can cut various materials such as non-metallic materials and widely used in a wide range of industries.

2. At the same time with cutting, engraving and scanning capabilities, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, a wide range of applications.

3. Perfect power-off continuous function, when the power is turned off for the second time, the graphics can achieve a good docking, not cutting repeatedly to save time, but also protect valuable materials from being cut.

4. You can set the operation of walking the border on the keyboard, divided into three modes of opening the light and cutting the border, closing the light and moving the border, and the corners and the dots.

5. New jog distance allows the head to move exactly where we need it.

6. The mirrors and focusing lenses of the optical system are all imported laser lenses, which greatly saves the heat loss of the laser in the air.

7.Using high-end stepper motor and drive system, equipped with imported linear guide; perfect combination of motor, drive, and guide rail, which improves the accuracy and speed of the machine.

8. Operating speed, laser energy adjustable in real time, greatly facilitates the customer's operation.

9. The control system integrates two algorithms, high-speed cutting and precision cutting, and is suitable for different user groups pursuing rapid cutting and precision cutting.

10. Emergency stop protection function: high-sensitivity protection system of the equipment, effectively protecting the safety of operation

11. The equipment's unique water protection system can effectively prevent the laser from being burned out and greatly increase the service life of the equipment.