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Laser Engraving Machine Maintenance
Mar 04, 2016

1. the special need to adjust the light intensity is not more than 20MA in case of rapid ageing of the laser tube.

2. the mirror carefully clean, otherwise must reset the light path.

3. prohibited the use of poor-quality water. Poor-quality water can seriously affect laser power and significantly reduce the service life of laser tube, laser tube due to a user using poor quality water damage is not covered under warranty. Purified water is recommended.

4. before each job, attention, focus, seriously affecting the engraving effect.

5. the third emission microscope and focus must be removed to clean the mirror, clean lens after installation to be secure, but not too tight, lest the lens breaking.

6. after the end of each job, should do the cleaning work. Do the cleaning work, in case of a power outage can slowly push cross beams and a car, but no hard push and pull.

7. before starting work every day, clean the lenses (Note: not the second half).

8. every week, the machine peripherals (fans, pumps, etc) to conduct a cleanup.

9. cooling water should not be less than 30 litres and must be submerged submersible pumps.

10. during the work, you must monitor water temperature, once the water has a warm feeling, change water immediately (without prejudice to the operation method is: spare parts hot water into cold water).