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Laser Machine Accessories Are Commonly Used In Which
Aug 10, 2017

  Laser machine accessories are commonly used in which

  Laser machine commonly used parts are many, according to the length of use and loss to replace. Many processing factories in order to ensure production efficiency, will generally prepare a lot of accessories to ensure the normal operation of the laser machine, in case of a rainy day. So what do these accessories contain?

  Parts need to be replaced frequently, because of the fiber laser cutting machine used in the process, will cause some parts loss, below we introduce these accessories.

  1. Reflective lenses: A typical laser system, Laser machine there may be only one to two transmission optical elements, usually used as the laser cavity of the output mirror and the end of the focus lens. On the other hand, there may be five or more reflective lenses in some other laser systems. The reflective lens is used as a tail mirror and a folding mirror in the laser cavity, as well as the beam steering in the beam transmission system.

  2. Expanding lenses: Shang is a lens component that can change the diameter and divergence angle of a laser beam.

  3. Protection lens: Laser protection lens is the main function of blocking debris splash, prevent spatter damage lens, Laser machine both sides plating high damage threshold of the antireflection film to reduce reflection. (These lenses generally change the time period of 3 months or so, more practical processing conditions are determined).

  4. Copper NOZZLE: Can assist the gas to gush out quickly, can effectively prevent the melt soaks and so on the debris to bounce upwards, then may protect the focal mirror. At the same time, it can control the gas diffusion area and size, Laser machine which will affect the cutting quality of laser cutting machine. At the same time, the aperture size of the nozzle varies according to the thickness of the cutting material. Its replacement period is about two months.

  The above is to introduce several kinds of laser machine commonly used accessories, however, for these accessories market price is uneven, of course, the quality is not the same, in order to ensure the purchase of genuine accessories, suggest that everyone to the original purchase.