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Maintenance Of Laser Equipment
Jun 20, 2017

  Maintenance of laser equipment

  1 every day pay attention to cleaning lenses, rails, cleaning table debris; lens cleaning method: cleaning the lens must use anhydrous ethanol or 98% alcohol as a cleaning solution, with a small amount of absorbent cotton lightly stained on the lens after the light scrub , And finally with dry cotton on the lens gently wipe,laser equipment so that the lens bright and transparent; (Note that scrubbing too hard to easily remove the lens coating to the lens damage)

  Guide the way to clean up the first: Remove the stains on the guide and the processing of scrap, and then add a little clear on the rail lubricating oil, sports rails to clear the oil can be evenly distributed on the rail. (Note that not thicker lubricating oil (butter) This lubricant attached to the rail is very easy to cause the processing of scrap and dust sticky twist to the slider and rail wear);

  Work platform cleaning method: the work platform has zinc-iron alloy, honeycomb, track, knife and other workstations, the first clean-up work on the table scrap, crawler table use six months need to add a little clear on the track rust,laser equipment About rust treatment, other workstations do not need. (Note that the work platform can not be easy to clean with water, easy to make the table rust will speed up the work of oxidation.

  2 regular cleaning exhaust fan and smoking tube, keep clean;

  Exhaust fan and cigarette lighter cleaning method: When there is a large amount of smoke when the need to clean up the fan, open the fan cover, with thin wood chips to remove fan fan and wind tunnel dust, after the use of high pressure air gun blowing Dust, smoke pipe cleaning method and the exhaust fan water cleaning method the same.

  (Note: the suction duct can not enter the water and can not reach the wet place, such as: sewer).

  3. Regularly clean the tank heat sink;

  Heat sink cleaning method: the main purpose of the heat sink is to dissipate the heat of the laser tube in the water circulation, poor heat directly affect the laser light power, heat sink cleaning is very important,

  First with a brush to remove the heat on the dust, and then use high-pressure air gun at the inlet for gas cleaning, and finally with air conditioning heat sink cleaning solution on the heat sink to clean, washed with water, dry after use.

  4. Laser equipment mechanical transmission part of the monthly lubrication of oil once;

  Laser equipment, mechanical transmission part of the maintenance rules: mechanical transmission part of the synchronous wheel,laser equipment bearings, light wheel, light rod and other major oil is part of the bearing, synchronous wheel, light wheel, light rod to do anti-rust treatment, Plus a clear oil.

  5. Circulating water needs to be changed once a week;

  Circulating water maintenance rules: the role of circulating water is mainly to the laser tube cooling, a direct impact on the size of laser tube power and life, the circulating water must use pure water, so that the water pipe wall is not easy to scale, when the water turbidity Must be replaced with circulating water, water injection in the water tank 3/2 is the best, less than 3/1 must be added to the water there will be the phenomenon of laser tube rupture.