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Mechanical Principle Of Carving Machine
Mar 04, 2016

Engraving machines needed to cope with a variety of data input mode. It can be compatible with Israel's Castmate, and United Kingdom ArtCAM, and France advanced carving software Wentai Type3, Beijing, can be compatible with carved JD ENG format software.

Engraving machine arc optimization instructions can eliminate speed automatically according to the characteristics of workpiece chatter. Traditional CNC control system usually has the following problems: curves more slowly than a straight line, curve precision is worse than linear, when making a three dimensional relief machine shaking very bad and slow, poor accuracy. This completely solved the problem of the application of the control system, can improve the efficiency of processing (processing time can be shortened to 30%-300%), and elimination of the fast chatter and improve processing quality.

Engraving machine uses the widened high precision cylindrical linear guides, good stability, high accuracy. Processing travel greater than 160 mm, higher than other devices, especially suitable for making plastic molds, contract processing of semi-finished products and so on, makes work not just like other engraving machine for PVC, acrylic and other processing.

Engraving machine in the process, you can dynamically adjust the depth. In the process, you can dynamically adjust the processing speed and the speed. Engraving machine of embedded CNC controller entirely designed by Carter, can be used in harsh environments. Industry-standard bus architecture designed to ensure stable and reliable control system.