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Metal Laser Cutting Machine Features:
Mar 09, 2018

1. Hybrid Cutting: Metal - Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Non-Metal - Acrylic, Board

2. High precision: The imported servo motor with imported ball screw drive greatly improves the response speed and cutting accuracy of the equipment and prolongs the use time.

3. Constant light system: This machine uses a constant light source to achieve high-precision cutting of the entire area. The

4. High precision, good stability: The use of precision ball screw drive mechanism, optimized CNC system control, can meet the precision parts processing, dynamic performance and stability, can work long hours.

5. High-quality cutting segment: Mechanical follow-up cutting head system

The cutting head always follows the material to keep the position of the cutting point constant, ensuring that the smooth cutting portion will not be reprocessed. It can accommodate surface or curved surface cutting.

6. Adopt sealed CO2 laser tube, the main consumables are electric energy, water cooling, auxiliary gas and laser

7. Sampling structure, simple operation, laser stability, low maintenance cost.