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Only Laser Cutting Machine Can Achieve The Efficiency And Accuracy
Jul 17, 2017

  Only laser cutting machine can achieve the efficiency and accuracy

  Industry will often use the cutting machine, cutting machine is not just a kind of, but according to the function or principle of different and divided into many kinds, the common flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water cutting and so on.

  I. Working principle

  Laser cutting machine makes full use of laser beam to process raw materials. A series of changes, such as melting, gasification, and breaking of raw materials through laser. After the material absorbs the laser energy, the processing material is cut off. At present, the use of many carbon dioxide laser source, working power between hundreds of watts to thousands of watts, but by comparison, is a relatively low power value. After the specular reflection, the laser beam will be highly aggregated and finally the material melts. At present, in China's industrial field, laser cutting machine is the most widely used.

  II. Advantages

  Compared with other cutting machines, laser cutting machine has many advantages.

  1, in the quality of cutting materials better than other cutting machine, cut out of the narrow gap in the material, a great degree of saving raw materials.

  2, cut the cutting surface neat and smooth, do not need to be in the latter stage of the cleaning treatment, can be directly applied in the final shape and welding parts. And the force distribution is very uniform, after cutting the material will not appear deformed.

  3, in the process of cutting, the speed of the noise is small, at the environmental level to look at is perfect. And there is no tool wear in the case of any material applicable.

  III. Classification

  Laser cutting is also divided into many kinds. There are roughly six kinds of common. respectively, vaporization cutting, melting cutting, reflecting melting and cutting, thermal stress cutting, laser scribing and cold cutting. This is based on the physical principles of cutting different materials divided.

  It is because of the high efficiency and accuracy of laser cutting machine that it can be widely used in all industries.