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The Advantages Of Laser Machine Use Obvious
Oct 18, 2017

Laser machine in use, the obvious advantages, with the logo requirements continue to improve, how to use the existing laser machine, to achieve faster speed, better coding contrast and logo quality?

Whether the product is in a static or dynamic state, the laser machine can mark the text, graphics, variables and serialization data on various materials such as cartons, glass, paper, aluminum and metal materials, etc. QR code.

Laser machine powerful features and advantages have been used to other people who used to fight the technology of surprise. Different from any other coding technology, high-quality laser code means better coding quality, the use of the process without the cost of supplies, as well as more flexibility, higher reliability.

More energy, better performance

Serialization logo, one thing one code, the application of the logo code constantly widened, coding technology needs to be replaced, laser coding machine performance also need to continue to improve. To enhance the performance of laser, laser machine laser energy and operational efficiency of the link can not be ignored. For the laser machine, in the process of coding, the greater the laser energy means faster speed, better identification of contrast and logo quality. The key to the question is: how to effectively increase the laser energy?

Two ways to improve laser energy

1. Increase the power of the laser source, that is, by switching to high-power laser products, improve the laser energy, for example, from the 10-watt laser machine switch to 30-watt laser machine.

This is a more traditional way, in the context of modern technology, the more intelligent and effective way is:

2. Focus energy, that is, by reducing the spot size, so that more concentrated energy, increase the intensity of the laser beam.

Why is it more clever and more effective way to focus energy?

The answer is obvious.

Using the first method, the laser energy is increased by switching to a high-power laser, which is seemingly simple, but it may not be desirable for the enterprise. The purchase of high-power laser machines first means high cost, and secondly, the installation of high-power lasers on the production line requires greater installation space and stronger energy supply.

By focusing energy, usually, a laser machine to reduce the spot size of 25%, you can increase the available energy of the laser 1 times, that is, to achieve higher power equipment performance. Some brands of laser machine design itself can be used for focusing energy.

In the absence of any cost increase, there is no additional space and energy needs of the case, focusing energy allows the laser machine can run at higher speeds, get higher yields without affecting the quality of the logo. Regardless of the industry's business, medicine, food, beverages, etc., a simple operation can make the laser machine more cost-effective in the short term, get better productivity and logo, but also ready to accept the challenges of the future.