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The Development Of Laser Machine Cannot Be Underestimated
Sep 30, 2017

The development of laser machine cannot be underestimated

Laser machine, full name laser spurt code machine, laser marking machine, laser code machine and so on. Hereinafter referred to as the laser machine.

With the development of laser machine, the application has been expanded for more than more than 20 years. The advantages of laser machine have been favored by many enterprises. Printing word wheel, code machine, ink inkjet printer, laser inkjet code machine, logo automation equipment (inkjet equipment) The first innovation is the industry's progress, is an era of progress. Laser machine as a latest spurt code equipment, the future development should not be underestimated!

The laser machine identifies a permanent mark that cannot be erased and therefore has a very good anti-counterfeiting function. Laser Inkjet Code machine and ink inkjet comparison, no need to clean the nozzle, no supplies, maintenance more simple, inkjet code identification costs lower, more important is not to use supplies, very environmentally friendly. With the continuous progress of laser spurt code technology, the laser Inkjet code machine may replace the ink inkjet code machine has become a mainstream inkjet equipment.

In recent years, many ink inkjet brand enterprises have developed the production of laser inkjet printer. And the market reflects a good demand, more firmly the spurt code machine manufacturers focus on the development of laser inkjet coding machine determination. Laser inkjet Coding machine has become a new bright spot in the market of inkjet industry, which has the advantages of stable performance, high reliability, no consumables, fast, low power consumption, wide applicability, more complete function and convenient installation. With the laser spurt code machine new technology and the new Idea unceasingly injects, the laser machine inevitably innovates the development, the better laser spurt the code machine obtains the invention application, the laser spurts the Code machine also will lead the spurt the code equipment industry to move toward the better direction development!