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The Function Of Laser Machine
Aug 10, 2017

  The function of laser machine

  1. Configure the USB high with the motherboard, can realize off-line, energy control, with color separation cutting and slope carving function, so that the engraving cutting precision higher, to meet the packaging printing to Seihan industry requirements,

  2. Professional development of the control software, with independent knowledge of copyright, can achieve engraving and cutting parameters set, with the envelope line cutting function, can automatically generate envelope line, can set the engraving area and its parameters, the outer frame cutting, etc.

  3. At present, laser engraving machine is a lot of small and medium-sized crafts processing and use, especially non-metallic laser engraving machine and non-metallic marking machine in wood products, glass, bamboo bamboo, folk paper-cutting, shadow puppetry and other processing industries widely used. Laser cutting machine wide range of applications to industrial production and processing, such as packaging sea surface cutting, industrial foam cutting, metal plate cutting, metal kitchen sheet cutting and so on. With the increase of the laser machine in the industry, the type of laser machine is also increasing, so there will be great development space in the future.

  The laser machine has the following main characteristics:

  1, 360 degree slope engraving function, solve printing problem thoroughly;

  2, the processing efficiency is high, is the hand-made block 10 to 15 times times, the precision is high, the cost is low, the printing effect is good;

  3, mechanical structure optimization design, the overall size of the smallest machine, not only save your precious space, and the structure is not suitable for deformation cutting precision high.

  4, German Technical High subdivision drive, running faster than the single piece of confidential more than 5 times times.

  5, Taiwan Imports of linear guide rail, life expectancy can reach more than 20 years.

  6, the unique ventilation system effectively protect the laser head, laser machine so that the maintenance of the laser head more convenient.

  7, the special metal lens makes the spotlight laser beam stronger and finer.

  8, the use of patented technology to make rubber version of the carving effect is better, not easy to burn paste.

  9, the genuine Python laser engraving software, powerful; carving cutting can be carried out at the same time; Provide free upgrade service

  10, the front and back direction material can be put into the whole sheet, laser machine do not need cutting.