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The Role Of The Laser Machine
Jun 06, 2017

  The role of the laser machine

  Laser machine used in the development of accessories is very wide, suitable for double-sided adhesive, foam, dust, PVC, protective film, conductive cloth, and so on! For some die can not do special processing, such as small products, microporous, special shape, laser machine can also be achieved. This is a clever laser machine.

  What are the problems with the actual operation of the laser machine?

  1, cutting effect is not good or cut through:

  Cause one: is the power setting, adjust the maximum and minimum light intensity, fine-tuning or below the end of the paper for thicker; if the loose rail may also lead to power instability;

  Cause two: the optical path is partial, to fine-tune, or that you cut the speed too fast;

  Cause three: the lens is dirty, to remove the use of alcohol and wipe with clean paper, pay attention to dismantling the lens, pay attention to protect the lens;

  Reason four: is the focus lens installed anti, lens installed anti-lead to optical path deviation;

  Reason five: is the focal length, if the cut out of the line is too large, it is necessary to adjust the laser head and material height;

  Reason six: laser tube power attenuation, water temperature is too high, voltage instability and so on.

  2, the connection is not on the device: the computer is installed driver, USB cable or cable is plugged in, check the USB cable or cable is damaged, the adapter is rusted;

  3, cutting the shape of the deformation and cutting overlap: check the rail is loose, the motor is bad, the voltage is stable, the machine's system settings have not changed;

  4, the device can not start or open the gate will trip: check the emergency stop switch is pressed, the external access power is connected, whether the outside world to hear the sound of abnormal snapping, the circuit is broken lead to trip will trip.

  5, high-voltage line in the fire: the problem should pay attention to, may be long-term use of the line, it is recommended in the high-voltage line outside the high pressure insulation sleeve, in this case to power operation.