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Woodworking Engraving Machine Linear Guide Advantages
Jun 15, 2018

1. High positioning accuracy: When using a linear slide as a linear guide, since the linear slide's friction method is rolling friction, not only the friction coefficient is reduced to 1/50 of the sliding guide, but also the dynamic friction force difference in the net friction force is changed. Very small. Therefore, when the bed is running, there will be no slip phenomenon, and the um-level positioning accuracy can be achieved.

2. Less wear can maintain accuracy for a long time: the traditional sliding guide, unavoidable due to oil film reverse flow caused by poor platform motion accuracy, and due to insufficient time to exercise sliding, resulting in the wear of the running track contact surface, seriously affecting accuracy, Rolling guide wear is very small.

3. Use high-speed motion and drastically reduce the required drive horsepower of the machine: As the linear slide moves with very little friction, only a small amount of power is needed to make the bed move, especially when the bed is working. When running back and forth, the power consumption of the machine can be significantly reduced. And due to the friction generated by the heat is small, can be applied to high-speed operation.