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Woodworking Machine Workplace Requirements
Jul 28, 2017

  Woodworking Machine workplace requirements

  Workplace requirements

  (1) Where the use of toxic, irritating and flammable substances is to be carried out in a separate plant or on a specially spaced section of the plant and equipped with personal protective equipment and fire fighting equipment.

  (2) The passage of logs, Woodworking Machine sawn timber and waste in the workshop shall be provided with facilities such as corridors, foyers, curtains, curtains and the like to prevent the spread of fire, Woodworking Machine such as automatic fire doors, fireproof smoke barriers, water curtains Wait.

  (3) in the workshop need to safely reach the top of the equipment work, Hangzhou Woodworking Machine should be equipped with protective railings and stairs bridge. Plant floor and flyover should be equipped with anti-skid ground.

  (4) the commonly used pedestrian channel should not have equipment and lines. The width of not less than 1m.

  (5) Conveyor belts below the ground should be covered with a cover plate or a shade-like protective plate. The surface of the metal plate should be slippery. Woodworking Machine The width of the grid guard does not exceed 30mm.

  (6) Sawdust and waste storage tanks should be placed outside the plant.